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Infrastructure Management Consulting Services (IMCS)
Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure has many advantages. The significant benefit is that by offloading day-to-day monitoring and management responsibilities from the internal IT staff. This way the IT team is free to conduct more strategic oriented activities.

While your focus is on your core business functions, we take care of developing all layers of the IT discipline.

  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • monitoring ongoing process
  • Infrastructure management.

By outsourcing to us you can deploy your resources to focus innovation – not on 24x7x365 management.

Our cumulative experience and expertise in IM  will ensure the infrastructure functions more smoothly.  We have governed and advanced policies to monitor and manage.

We do the following for you

Define requirements
Plan & Analyze
Knowledge Management
Asset Management
Incident and Problem Management
  • Internal Help Desk
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Systems & Network inventory updates
License Management
Security Management

Define requirements:
  • Establish consensus and common ground among project stakeholders and participants

  • Form the basis for project deliverables

  • Ensure the customer receives a product or service with the functionality requested

  • Define stakeholder expectations as specific results

  • Set the stage for effective project planning

Plan & Analyze
  • Identify and utilize existing reserves
  • Cost Estimation
  • Plan cost reduction methods at various levels

  • Setup, manage and maintain - Desktops, Servers, and Networks, Email servers, Application and Security solutions.

  • Unlimited Phone, Remote control, Chat etc... To make sure that the Services and Support of is available round the clock.

  • Automated deployment of operating system using centralized module.

Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge base portal
  • Detailed information Infrastructure setup
  • Customer Self-Service Portal on knowledge base

Asset Management
  • Inventory report for the status of Hardware and software on servers, desktops, laptops and network.

  • Scheduled & ad-hoc monitoring facility offers up-to-the-minute information that facilitates planning, budgeting and compliance initiatives

Incident and Problem Management

Internal Help Desk:
  • Help desk ticketing portal
  • Training and setup of internal ticketing portal

Service Level Management:
  • SLA monitoring system

Change Management:
Implement test environment to simulate the required changes. Implement and monitor only in test environment. On success implement the same on live systems. The co mplete process is logged at all stages.

Systems & Network inventory updates:
System Log/Event Log Monitoring, Network health monitoring.
License Management:
We provide statistics on numbers and locations of licenses of installed software, usage statistics, verify & ensure license compliance.  Securing software licenses and with version standardization.

System Log/Event Log Monitoring:
Log monitoring feature of the is the best fit to every business as it configures instant alerts during – critical server breakdowns, alter in system configurations, pre-failure notification of Hard Disk and Potential security threats.

Prohibition of unauthorized access to data and servers, monitors errors, warnings, information, failure, etc…
In this process of System Log Monitoring offers:

  • Application log
  • Security Log
  • System log
  • Directory Service Log
  • File replication Service Log
  • DNS Server log

Security Management:
The Patch Management feature with designs security patches suiting specific infrastructural needs.

Scheduled auto-scans and updates approved patches for applications and security software’s when and where required.

Alerts and remedy for intrusions.

Our Services

Computer Hardware Support:

  • Computer Hardware components maintenance and service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Laptop servicing

  • Design and implement local area networks
  • Installation of network cables, switches, SOHO routers
  • Install & Configure Wireless networks

Operating System:
  • Install and configure – Client and Server operating systems
  • Clients - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Random restarts
  • System Hang
  • Application not responding
  • Slow Network
  • Performance stabilization

Servers - Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (including R2 editions)
  • Application Server
  • DNS Server
  • DHCP Server
  • Active Directory Server
  • File Server
  • Web Server
  • Print Server
  • Windows Update Server
  • Windows Deployment Server
  • Hyper-V

  • Install and configure internet connectivity
  • Share internet connectivity to multiple PC’s

  • Secure File Servers
  • Secure Internet Gateways
  • Secure applications
  • Secure Local Area Connection (Wired & Wireless)
  • Virus removal

  • System configurations backup
  • Data backup over network
  • Scheduled backup